Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra's A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey: Volume II: Books IX-XVI PDF

By Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

ISBN-10: 0198721447

ISBN-13: 9780198721444

This moment quantity of an incredible three-volume observation compiled via a world crew of students comprises detailed discussions of diction within the Odyssey and the culture of epic diction quite often.

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Hesitating only to draw a deep breath and calm his nervousness, he strode into the hall and stood before the Circle of Reilloch Domayr. Three high mages awaited him near the center of the tall chamber, standing beneath the theurglass and mithral dome that crowned the hall. In Araevin’s experience, high mages had no need to resort to trappings such as ceremony or thrones in order to express the power they wielded. Each was a wizard of tremendous accomplishment, the youngest more than five hundred years old, the least among them capable of dueling a dragon and perhaps living to tell the tale.

Myth Drannor was burning, and the acrid smoke of many fires hung heavily in the humid air. Fflar Starbrow Melruth stood wearily on the shattered flagstones of the courtyard before Castle Cormanthor, and took the measure of his enemies. Thousands of savage warriors—orcs, goblins, gnolls, even ogres—stamped and shouted in the square, roaring and shouting in their guttural tongues, clashing axes and spears on their hide-covered shields or shaking jagged swords in the air. Like a great black sea of blood and steel the horde roiled and swarmed, clogging the marble streets and clinging to the feet of the white towers.

He was keenly interested in everything he saw, and he habitually studied his surroundings with an uncanny intensity. His face set in a small frown, he came to the marble steps leading up to the great hall. Four elf warriors stood watch at the main door, dressed in green cloaks embroidered with a silver starburst insignia over coats of shining mail—Queen’s Guards, assigned to Reilloch’s garrison. “Good day,” Araevin said to the warriors. ” The guard sergeant, a lithe young moon elf, nodded and replied, “Go on in, Mage Araevin.

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A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey: Volume II: Books IX-XVI by Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

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