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By Florian Cajori

ISBN-10: 1172112282

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A. Schwarz. Stremayr however, suggested to the Emperor Franz Josef that Emi1 Weyr, an Associate Professor at the Po1ytechnicum in Prague, who was also under consideration, be offered the professorship. The emperor chose Weyr, an Austrian. ". The members of the appointment board included J. Petzval (1807-1891), L. Boltzmann (1844-1906), and the physicists J. Stefan (1835-1893), J. E. v. Lang (1838-1921); see [141] for this matter. 3. 1 Numerical analysis; orthogonal polynomials. The work of Christoffei, in both its versatility and depth, has been of fundamental significance in the deve10pment ofvarious branches ofmathematics, physics and mechanics.

Courses with similar titles are listed only once. Of the advanced courses given fairly regularly between 1873 and 1894, one can note "Theorie der Abelschen Functionen" and "Theorie der binären Formen". ETH stands for the Po1ytechnic School at Zürich, TUB for the Gewerbeakademie at Berlin, UB for the University of Berlin, and USTR for the University of Strasbourg. The information conceming the courses held at the University of Berlin, at Zürich, and at the Gewerbeakademie at Berlin is taken from (145], [62] and [60], respectively.

1963/69. : Lehrbuch der Potentialtheorie. , 11. F. 21, 180,215,403; 360). : Riemanns physikalisches Denken. In [89], pp. 222-34. : Thetafunktionen und hyperelliptische Funktionen. J. Göschen 1903. : Differential and Riemannian Geometry. Academic Press, New York 1965. : E. B. Christoffeis Einfluss auf die Geometrie. Proc. Coll. Global Differential Geometry/Global Analysis (Berlin, Nov. 1979). Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Springer (in print). : The influence of edges and corners on potential functions of surface layers.

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