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Polym. J, 13, 453 (1981). 51 Methyl methacrylate Bulk polymerization Initiator: 2,2'-azobisisobutyronitrile Temperature: 25°C Initiation I R" + M Propagation Pi," + M Chain transfer +Y Termination by disproportionation P,O + PI," + PI," P,,O Termination by combination P,,O + + + + + + 2R" Pi'' Pnt i o PI, + Y" P, + PI, P,+,, kd ki kP ktW ktd(n,m) ktc(n,in) I: initiator, M: monomer, R" : primary free radical, P," : growing polymer radical containing n units of monomer, P,: dead polymer containing n units of monomer, Y: chain transfer agent.

And Bamford, C. , Nature, 158, 380 (1946). Photo-induced bulk polymerization Temperature: 0°C Initiation Propagation 2M 2X or DZ M + hv -+ 2X or DZ X + M + X DZ+M-jDI+R D,+M+P2+R R + M + P , + R --j 57 58 Free radical polymerization Termination D2 + X DI + Q D, + X - - t P2 + Q R + X +P,+Q 2x 24 2k4 --+ k4 k4 k4 + M: monomer, X: active center, Q: dead center, D2: initial polymer growing at both ends, D1: polymer growing at one end, R: growing transfer polymer, PI: dead transfer polymer, P2: dead initial polymer.

Reprinted by permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. , Makromol. , 175, 873 (1974). 2 X lo8 k,: propagation rate constant, [I/mol*sec] k,: propagation rate constant, []/mol * sec] [MI: concentration of monomer, [mol/l] [R-1: concentration of macroradicals, [mol/l] P: degree of polymerization, [-3 Bresler, S. , Kazbekov, E. , and Shadrin, V. , Makromol. , 175, 2875 (1974). Bulk polymerization Initiator: 2,2'-azobisisobutyronitrile Chain transfer agent: 1-butanethiol Temperature: 50-70°C I R. + +M Pi,.

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