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By Danijel Turina

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This can be a booklet that might swap your perspective--to those who give some thought to themselves atheists as a result of confrontation with the superficial and mindless God suggestions, this ebook may convey that they, in reality, did think in God for the entire time, yet now not in God provided within the type of the grumpy previous grandpa sitting on his cloud, considering additional regulations in their intercourse existence, yet in God who's the enjoyment honestly and advantage, who's the wonder within the concord of all issues, who's the root of all issues confident and strong, that we will be able to adventure in our lives--God who's the genuine which means and goal of our lives, and the hidden item of all our longings.

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The horrible deeds of fear and hatred can never produce good goals. The only higher goal of such methods is unhappiness, deep unhappiness that produces more unhappiness, pain that produces more pain, suffering that produces more suffering. Evil that is done for the greater good is just evil, nothing more. Never ever do anything that even in a slightest way opposes the voice of your conscience. Never. There are no excuses. Excuses have to be cast away as mere garbage, as lies. Satan is a liar and the father of lies, and he stands not firmly in the truth for in him there is no truth22.

Our needs will be fulfilled for all eternity with the sparkling brilliance of the water of the eternal life, which flows throughout our being, unbound and cruelly beautiful, so inconceivably beautiful that the vessel through which it flows, as well as its needs, will no longer claim our attention. Our needs are fulfilled in the eternity, our cup is filled with the sparkling light and overflowing, and there remains no thought in us of self and the other, there remains nothing but the purity and shine of our blissful, sparklingly powerful nature.

And for that reason we should not observe the difficulties, disease and other unfavorable circumstances as something negative to be avoided; on the contrary, we should greet them as dear friends, as a source of our renown, for in facing and overcoming difficulties will our inner nature be tempered, as the steel that is tempered with fire and ice. An ordinary rock will be turned into dust under the forceful blows of a hammer, but the diamond will shine with all of its brightness, for under those blows all the impurities will be cast aside, and the brightness of its inner nature will be revealed.

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