Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism - download pdf or read online

By Yogi Ramacharaka

" This booklet includes genuine, common knowledge. after we all observe the "oneness" of this universe and our interconnectedness on a truly literal point, we will start to know the way and WHY our thoughts/actions do impact everyone/everything else, and, in flip, how that back impacts US. This society is falling aside simply because we proceed to think in our separateness. this gorgeous publication breathtakingly conveys not just how, yet why, to appear inside of ourselves for the sunshine (read "goodness/enlightenment/god-knowledge/energy")that is actually and uniquely inside of every one people to aid us as our lives/souls spread. If our kids may perhaps commence, on the youngest of a while, to boost a feeling in their personal own energy and artistic (meaning to create) power, and will be aware of deeply the sensation of private peace and pride at their very own accomplishments, each could notice that training bigotry, humiliation, aggression, greed or this kind of negativity is harmful so much of all to the wrongdoer. The solutions are all the following. this article is brilliantly written and will appear in the beginning extra incomprehensible than it's. may that extra humans might learn and digest this extraordinary paintings. "

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We Tbs things must cease to be tied to the gratification of the senses-the soul has higher pleasures awaiting it, The pleasures of the senses are all right in their place-they have their offices to perform in the evolution of the soul--but the soul must beware of allowing itself to be tied to them, as its progress will be retarded if it does useless baggage must be cast aside as the soul mounts the upward patblight marching order is the proper thing, The ties which bind you to sense gratification must be boldly cut, that you may go on your way.

If you feel tempted toward self-gIorificati011,sametimes, just remember that as compared to %ome of the intelligences, who have long since passed through your present stage of development, you are no more than is the intelligence of a black beetle as compared with your own intellect-that, to the eyes of some of the greatly developed souls, the everyday life of even the highest of our race on earth to-day is but as are to us the antics and gambols; fights and tumbles; of a lot of Newfoundland puppies whose eyes have been opened but a few days-just remember this, we say, and you will get a better idea of just what place you fill in the scale of intelligence.

He has left Hate and Malice behind him, and has allowed Love to take their vacant places, and be must, necessarily, be happier by reason of the change. He has outgmwn the idea of an angry Deity laying traps in which to enmesh him-he Itas long since teamed to smile at the childish tale of the devil with cloven hoofs and horns, breathing fire and brimstone, and keeping a bottomless pit into which one will be plunged if he should happen to forgct to say his prayers, or if he should happen to mile at God's beatttiful earth, some fine Sunday, instcart of drowsing away an hour listening to some longtlrawn-ot~tt l ~ o l o g i dsermon.

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