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Metzler and Shepard (1974). 18. Cooper and Shepard (1973). 19. Marr and Nishihara (1978). 20. Humphreys (1983). 21. Palmer (1990). 22. Palmer (1980). See also Palmer and Bucher (1981). 23. Palmer (1985). 7. 24. Palmer (1985). 25. If the axes of probable symmetry include vertical, horizontal, 45◦ diagonal axes, and others, that is likely to be the order in which they are evaluated for symmetry. See Goldmeier (1937), Rock and Leaman (1963), and Palmer and Hemenway (1978). 26. This two-process model was proposed by Palmer and Hemenway (1978) to account for response-time data that conflict with the predictions of a model consisting of a single sequential symmetry evaluation procedure proposed by Corballis and Roldan (1975).

For some person y, x is a brother or brother in law of a parent of y. Therefore x C y. A natural question about this view of concepts is: How does concept possession get off the ground? Getting the concept {uncle} requires that 26 simple shapes: vision and concepts we already possess concepts for brother and parent. This might suggest that to get the rich variety of concepts people usually have, there would have to be a substantial innate stock of concepts, which is hardly plausible. 38 Types of transition from one content-bearing mental state to another are essential to the individuation of a concept, on this view.

An alternative possibility is that the visual system uses co-ordinates based on the axes of the reference system with a Euclidean metric. 28 Using the co-ordinate system we could detect equality of sides, and thereby distinguish squares from other rectangles. 29 A category specification for squares The foregoing provides all the ingredients needed for a category specification for squares. Let V and H be the vertical and horizontal axes of the reference system. Then to perceive a figure as a square it suffices that the visual system detects the following features.

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