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Publication Date: September 22, 2009
Finally, the intriguing and long-awaited sequel to at least one of the most important healthiness and therapeutic bestsellers of all time has arrived.

When Peter Kelder's old mystery of the Fountain of stripling used to be published via Harbor Press in 1985, it instantly touched off a massive revenues phenomenon rivaled merely through The Celestine Prophecy and Conversations with God. during this ebook, readers have been brought to the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, a sequence of workouts constructed over centuries within the monasteries of Tibet and credited by way of millions for every thing from elevated strength to raised reminiscence, weightloss, and simply feeling and looking younger.

Almost as fast because the books filtered around the globe, letters started to pour in to Harbor Press inquiring for additional information on those mysterious rites. Now, greater than ten years and million books later, comes a entire significant other quantity that addresses the unanswered questions of such a lot of readers.

Picking up the place Kelder's e-book left off, historical mystery of the Fountain of adlescent, ebook 2 offers the full Fountain of minor health and wellbeing application, with precise details on a number of themes mentioned basically fleetingly within the unique bestseller: the heritage and origins of the 5 Rites, invaluable insights approximately how the Rites paintings, nutrition feedback, and easy-to-follow routines. Illustrated with fifty black-and-white images, this consultant might help flip again the arms of time, invigorating and energizing readers' lives as by no means before.

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Kundalini yoga deeply and profoundly renews the CSF around our spinal column and brain, keeping us bright and alert, like a mountain river. The yoga practices will clear the waters of your body and bring sparkle and purity back into you. THE DIVINE GRIND It is quite amazing how easily a simple kundalini yoga exercise can keep our cerebrospinal fluid healthy and alive. This is an exercise that many can perform. It is a great practice to do before and after long car or airplane rides. It is also very beneficial if you have been in bed for a long time.

Conscious breathing, mantras, and thought patterns bring balance to our pituitary and entire endocrine system, in turn creating profound effects on our whole body, including our fertility, constitution, awareness, and energy levels. Oxytocin is our love hormone. High levels correspond to feeling loved, trusting, and open to the deepest levels of intimate bonding, not only with others but also with the universe and with ourselves. Oxytocin soars during sex, cuddling, skin-to-skin contact, stimulation of the nipples, the sending and receiving of messages of love, and yoga practice.

In other yogic traditions it is also called the shushmuna . This pathway is revered as the conduit of our light and of kundalini. Kundalini yoga works to keep this channel clear and vibrating with its core essence, love, so our energy can move freely, without blockages. As it does so we activate our higher potential as human beings. Although the sushmana follows the path of the spine, the nadis do not correspond directly to our physical anatomy. They are pure energy channels, sometimes described as threads of light.

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