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3,3 The Gambia In the early 196Os,interest in the newly developed wheeled toolcarriers spread from neighbouring Senegal to The Gambia. Six’ French-manufactured “Polyculteur”~ units were tested at ox-plowing schools in the early 1960s (Davidson, 1964). At about the same time the B&i& National Institute of Agricultural Engineering (NIAE) had been testing its own Animal-Drawn Toolbar in Tanzania and Uganda (Chalmers and Marsden, 1962; Willcocks, 19691,Britain wasthe major bilateral aid donor to The Gambia during the 1960s and from 1965 to 1975, with funding from the British OverseasDevelopment Administration (ODA/ODM), there was close collaboration betweenNIAE and the Department of Agriculture in The Zambia.

Photo: FMDUL searchmandate. There was an apparent need soils of the researchstation, but was difficult to apply on the conditions of the small farms, The conclution that on-station results may not be directly transferable to on-farm conditions is a common one. Howeverin this case a compounding factor was the shortterm horizon of the initial project. The highly variable climate that makes crop cultivation itself problematic, also makes shortterm research difficult. For example the weed control techniques with sweeps that were found effective in a relatively dry year proved unsuitable the fotiowing year when rainfall stimulated additional weed growth causingimplement clogging.

While there have been attempts to develop toolcarriers suited to smallholder farmers in Britain (Barton, iireanrenaud and Gibboh, 1982) and France (Morin, 19&Q, most of the effort has been directed at the Third World. In early 1987 there were development workers in at least twenty different countries actively *engagedin evqluating or promoting this technology. In the following chapterscasehistories from all three phasesare reviewed in as tiuch detail aspracticable. Then somegeneralizations arising‘from the casehistories are discussed, and finally potential lessons from wheeled toolcarrier development and promotion are highlighted.

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